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Composition - The Martial Arts of photography in 3 simple steps

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You recognise a great image when you see it, right?

But do you also know the 3-step plan to create fantastic photos that make heads turn? 

In just over 1 hour from now you can hold the key to create images that command people to look at them, regardless of your current level.

Composition is sort of like martial arts. With the correct knowledge and technique you can beat most people and become a master.

I can teach you the techniques thet work in record time.

Almost Like Neo in The Matrix learning Kung-fu - but without sticking a rod in the back of your head. I use video, more hygienic. 

I'll explain everything you need to know. But but like a great martial artist train to hone technique, you also have to train your eye and brain to implement the techniques to become fluent in them.  

Sorry dude, viewing and listening it is not enough, you also have to do what I teach you. But when you do:

It. Works.

I use these techniques on all my images, and that is the basis of why so many people like my images, and why I've won so many competitions.

Composing great images is not that hard. 

Everyone can learn this. The first part of the three-step-plan I teach is simply to have your image contain or take on a certain shape:

  • A diagonal
  • An s-curve
  • Something sharp or pointy-looking
  • A dominant figure.

Doing this will activate the reptile part of the brain of viewers and make everyone look closer when you do it right. The poster image is a dominant object. Hard not to look right?

So you don't believe it's that easy?

You want to know why it works and you want to see examples. Of course you do. It just sounds too good to be true right? 

Let me explain:

When a baby is around 9-12 month they will start to walk. It's super hard for them at first, They wobble, loose their balance and need to hold onto something. 6 month later they walk steadily. It seemed impossible first. But once they understand the principle, learn it's doable, and train sufficiently the baby can walk or even run. They go from nowhere to everywhere in just 6 month.

Composition is the same. I can teach you EVERYTHING you need to know in just 1 hour.

60 minutes.

Like Neo.

And that even includes the explanation of why it works.

I've cut out all the unnecessary stuff. I'll only give you the information you need to understand. I'm not going to waste your time with unnecessary fluffy concepts that doesn't work and can't easily be implemented.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know to compose great images. It's based on model images. But landscape, architecture, wedding and street images etc. are governed by all the same principles. 

That’s it.

This is not a 1 hour video guide.

  1. This is all the knowledge I've accumulated over 35 years of photography, countless workshops, one-on-one tuitions. Thousands of hours trying to work out what works and why. 
  2. This is you avoiding to spend years and years creating images that only a few people see.
  3. It's the key to your new photographic life.
  4. The key to you beginning to create images that command attention.

Add this to your cart on the button above and 90min from now you will hold the knowledge you need to compose and create great images.


This digital download document contain a link to an online video of just 1 hour duration. And additionally a PDF document with 9 of Thomas' images where he explains exactly how the principles of composition were employed on these particular images, and thus the reason why they work.

You will NOT be able to download this but you will be able to view it as often as you like. In the event of updates you will automatically be notified and can then access any new information automatically.

Be advised there are plenty of tasteful nude images in the video and illustrations, so if you are opposed to nudity this is likely not for you. 

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