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Retouch & post production Livestream workshop July 5th

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This is the workshop you need if you want to learn to retouch model images in a professional and efficient way, without getting "marzipan skin" or an artificial look. And don't be mistaken, retouching is not optional if you want to create stunning images: Frequently it's the retouch that elevates mediocre to amazing.

As one of the very first digital photographers (1996) and the first Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Training Provider in Denmark (2002) Thomas holm has a long track record in both retouching and training.

This has over time led to a very methodical approach to retouch, and the creation of a number of actions (which you will of course receive on the workshop) which enables the fastest and most efficient professional retouch, so you end up with a clean look which YOU like. This is not about slapping some filter or preset on an image, it is about getting the look you want while allowing you the maximum amount of flexibility and control.

This is what we cover:

  • Development of raw images in Lightroom/Camera Raw
  • Easiest retouch of blemishes - the difference between Cloning, healing and spot heal
  • Usage of Liquify to make a realistic modification to figure
  • Smoothing and accentuation of skin (reddish, uneven, hairy, etc.)
  • Accentuation of shape on muscles, bone structure highlight/shadow
  • Artificial sharpening x3 (and first-aid to images which just isn't really sharp. 
  • Addition of grain for a realistic skin look
  • The best 2 ways to make Monochrome images from color, and add toning
  • Adding IPTC (copyright) info, keywords, etc. and watermark
  • Using curves, Blending modes, Calculations, Apply Image m.f.
  • How to achieve the optimum image contrast
  • And a whole lot more.

Other than the standard methodical approach which we will cover twice, you will be introduced to some very advanced features which for example can fix burned out (overexposed skin) or correct specific areas in an image without creating time-consuming masks, and of course adaption of images with curves (yes curves sound boooooring, but it is a wicked tool once you understand how to use it correctly)

A lot of these techniques are contained in the retouch action you will receive so you easily can utilize the techniques onwards.

The duration of the workshop is 5-6 Hours.