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Sculptural Nude Workshop April 14, 2019 - With Ayla

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Learn to create beautiful images that command attention 

The Workshop
There are 3 essential factors that need to be fulfilled if you want to create model images that really catches the viewers eye:

  1. Composition must attract the people seeing the image
  2. Lighting should enhance what you are trying to get across
  3. The models lines and expression must underline the theme 

On this particular workshop there will be an in-depth presentation on composition, and there will be special focus on shaping light for different looks with particular focus on sculptural type images. We will also demonstrate working with and directing the model, and finally but essentially, how to select the very best and most efficient image from the shoot. 

The Model 
For this workshop we will fly in the fantastic model Ayla from England just for this. The workshop will focus on creating elegant and stunning sculptural nice images, and likely some dance oriented as well. Ayla is a powerhouse with 6 years modeling experience (and quite a bit more in gymnastics and sport) and due to her fantastic body control, are perfect as a model for this kind of workshop with focus on making sculptural images.

The location 
Is in my 120sqm studio in Vanløse on the outskirts of copenhagen. It's located 800m from both Vanløse station (and metro station) and Flintholm respectively. Direct Metro connection to/from the CPH airport is 30min. in case you fly in.

You will learn Lighting
We'll work with interesting lighting, different ways of modifying light for different emphasis and look. We will work with light, really work with, and not just set up some standard set). We will be using both available light from the windows as well as studio light and various modifiers.

We will cover advanced composition including a lot of psychology on how the brain perceives images, and thus how you create images that command you to look at them. And obviously model direction to get the perfect image even if Ayla doesn't need much direction you will work with other models in the future where this will come in handy. And you will be shooting some wonderful images with Ayla one-on-one, under Thomas' guidance, to make sure you can add some stunning images to your portfolio.

You will walk away from this workshop knowing a lot more about how to light nude images (which also apply to lingerie and clothing btw.), you will have a better grasp on creating images that work emotionally and you will have some fantastic images for portfolio use.

You will also receive some hand-outs on lighting and composition etc. as well as access to a basic retouching online course showing how I retouch images.

Location and time
The workshop will be at the Studio in Vanløse 9.30-17.00 on April 14th. 2019 (it's a soft start so if you can't make it until 10 you wont miss anything essential)

The workshop will be conducted in English unless only Danish speaking attendees is attending.

Signing up is final and binding. If there are too few participants 2 weeks prior to the workshop the workshop might be cancelled (although I have never cancelled a model workshop yet). 

Only 6 seats. 

The last 10 images are examples on the kind of images this workshop is dedicated to making: Graphical exciting beautiful images.