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Art nude contortion & flexibility: An intimate workshop with Pretzelle: Feb 4th. 2023

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Have you ever photographed a nude contortionist?

Well, now is your chance to create ultra-cool images for your portfolio.

Early Bird Discount 20% off until January 5th

Creating "Flexible imagery" (for lack of a better word) can be approached very differently.

Most contortionists (and dancers) are extremely strong and have unique physical capabilities.

I will apply all my skills, showing you how to get the best out of the model, to help you create visually eye-catching images that are stylish, sensual, or erotic.
And perhaps with a humorist twist. 

And I will show you how to take charge and direct the shoot to control what kind of images and quality you will get instead of "just" relying on the model.

When working with flexible models, there are some unique things to consider. And when you do, the images can become magnetic.

The program:
We'll create images ranging from sculptural photos to images where we use environment and furniture to create a more intimate feel and give a greater variety of images you bring home.

Other than nude, the model will bring a range of accessories and lingerie to use if we want.

We will cover composition, lighting with different modifyers, posing, and some editing.
To maximize the shooting time on the day, you will in advance get access to an online version of Thomas' presentations on Composition and Lighting to watch beforehand. 

Then on the day, we'll cover some of the points live and set up lighting for different sets while explaining the process so you will get the best possible understanding.

Thomas will end the day by showing you how to select the best pose from a set in Lightroom and will edit this live to show you how to get everything out of your images.

And you will receive a printed copy of the edited image before you leave.

There are only FIVE spaces available at this intimate workshop.

The Model
We are working with the fantastic Pretzelle; you can read more about her here.

Who is this for, and what do you need:
Your experience level is not essential; Thomas will be on hand all day to help and ensure even beginners will get great images.
The only requirement is you own a camera with a flash shoe and that the camera can be set to manual exposure. We'll figure out the rest if you need help.

February 4th, 2022, from 10.30 to 16.30.

The location is Thomas' studio at Filmtorvet 4, 3500 Værløse.

What's included:
The fee covers everything; 
Lunch, drinks, snacks, model fee, pre-workshop access to presentations on composition and lighting,
and Tax/Vat.

Signing up is final and binding, but if you can't participate you are free to exchange your space with someone else.

In the unlikely event that the workshop will have too few participants 2 weeks before the event, it will be canceled, and your payment will be refunded promptly.