Art Nude on Location - Mastering natural light

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Introducing "Art Nude on Location: Mastering Natural Light" - the ultimate online video course that takes you on a visual odyssey alongside the world-class nude model, Wiana Model.

This course contains everything you need to understand to be able to create world-class art-nude photography on location only using natural light. 

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey through +7 hours of captivating footage featuring 15 full art-nude photo sessions in stunning locations across Lanzarote, which was used as a backdrop for creating this course.

Witness the complete process and final images unfold before your eyes, captured with multiple cameras and edited for unrivaled understanding and insight.

But there is much more:

You will also see all the things that didn't turn out great. You'll see many of the not-that-good images leading up to the moment of perfection to understand the progression and how everything fell into place.

You will hear every word spoken and see everything that goes on, and see how it translates into world-class images, like these examples from each session.

Immerse yourself in the great outdoors - nature's playground - basking in sunlit brilliance or the gentle embrace of overcast skies.
Explore urban environments, and learn how to avoid others while photographing in public places.

Venture into cramped spaces, discovering the art of transforming limitations into endless creative possibilities - all while relying solely on the ethereal beauty of available light and without the need for an assistant.

Discover the secrets of capturing the perfect moment as you learn to shape and use natural light to enhance the allure of your subjects.
Witness how Wiana Model effortlessly poses, her body a masterful canvas, bringing life and emotion to every frame.

But that's not all:

This course equips you with the knowledge to uncover the best shooting locations in any corner of the globe online without leaving the comfort of your chair.
You'll learn how to structure locations and make them useful when you are on-site and how to avoid many potential pitfalls.

You'll learn the art of guiding and inspiring models, seamlessly blending them into their surroundings, and crafting images that transcend boundaries.

Additionally, you will gain essential tips on the best way of traveling with your cherished photographic gear and avoid having an airline or thief displace it.

Join "Art Nude on Location: Mastering Natural Light" and unlock your creative potential.
Immerse yourself in a world of artistic expression, where Wiana Model and the enchanting power of natural light intertwine through the vision of Thomas Holm.

Each image represents one moment from each of the 15 different movies, but there is much more than "just" these. 
I shot a total of about 12000 images over the course of six days producing this course.

There are many variations from each location and many angles from each set.
You will see nearly 1500 still images during the videos, all with camera/EXIF data burned in. The images here are merely examples.

Any photographer, and any art model for that matter, will benefit from this course regardless of their current level.

Enroll today and set your imagination free as you start to captivate the world with your own mesmerizing art-nude photography.

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