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Fine Art Nudes behind the scenes. February 29th (1 day workshop Copenhagen)

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Demonstration day only - if you also want to photograph select THIS PRODUCT instead.

Have you ever wondered exactly what it takes to create stunning Art-Nude images?

  • How, and more importantly, why lighting is set up in a particular manner?
  • How and why the image was composed in the way it happened?
  • How the photographer arrived at that particular pose and image instead of something else?
  • And how the developing and post processing is done from start to end - and how much is lighting and how much is editing?

Or in short:
How is a really good photograph created from start to end?

Then this is where you want to be on February 29th.

This particular day will be the closest thing you will get to be a fly on the wall at a professional nude art photoshoot, with one major important difference:
Alongside seeing how everything is done on at a shoot, you will get a running commentary on why the things are done the way they are done, and can hear and understand the thought process and reasoning behind.

This is a completely unique opportunity to see and understand exactly how Thomas Holm creates images from conception to post processing.

The day will start off with a presentation on composition as this is the basis for understanding the image making. 

Then Thomas will create 3-4 completely different art nude images with one or two professional models.
Select the best image while discussing why that is the best one, develop the image, and retouch and post process the images one by one. And you will get to see how everything is done.

There will of course be plenty of time to ask questions either during after or in-between the different shoots. Certain parts of the workshop will likely be filmed, if so participants will have access to select parts of the material later on (there are both some technical and model considerations regarding this so it's too early for firm promise on video deliverables).

There will of course be handouts covering composition and lighting in any event.

There will be no participant photography on this first day, that is the purpose of the day after, which is only open to people who participate the first day.

If you are interested in photographing too please order the other workshop (which include both days) here.

The event will take place at a 200m2 rental studio in the northern parts of Copenhagen and the workshop will take place from 10.00-17.00

30A Rental
Hillerødgade 30A,
2400 Copenhagen NV

P.S. You may think the value of this is small if you don't get to photograph, but it is really the other way around: You will be in the unique position to fully concentrate on understanding all the different parameters without having to perform yourself. So it is a full day of learning as opposed to a lot of waiting time where nothing will happen while someone else is shooting a model.