Shadow Dress - mounted 69x96 cm Limited Edition Artist Print, [product_type) - Thomas Holm Photography -

Shadow Dress - mounted 69x96 cm Ltd. Edition Artist Print

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This Fine Art Print is one of my own previous office decorations. 

It's printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Barytha paper and is uniquely signed and marked as an artist print and has a thin white border all the way around.

It's originally made for a custom size frame for my office (I switch the images there now and then). It is 69x96cm, mounted on Dibond (acrylic base with a thin aluminium coating on either side). 

This item DOES NOT SHIP ANYWHERE - it will need to be picked up at my office in Hellerup, Denmark just north of Copenhagen or I can possibly drop it off in Copenhagen somewhere. 

And that is the basis for the very low price.